There are three main types of events during the online summit: keynote presentations, workshops, and Q&A/panel discussions. Each day of the conference follows the same general format, with some other events sprinkled in:

  • Keynote presentations will be released at 8:00am Eastern Time, and you can watch it on-demand whenever is convenient for you.
  • Workshops are hosted live through Zoom, and will be hosted at 2:00pm Eastern Time.
  • Panel Discussions are hosted live through Zoom and will be at 8:00pm Eastern Time.

Livestream events will be recorded. Replays will be available for 30 days after the conference.

When you register for the conference, you will receive automatic email notifications before each event with links to where you can participate and view the content.

Get the full agenda breakdown below!

Monday, August 10

8:00am ET: Keynote by Kevin Miller (On-Demand)

8:00pm ET: Welcome from Suzanne & Preston (Livestream)

8:30pm ET: Q&A with Kevin Miller (Livestream)

Tuesday, August 11

8:00am ET: J.E.S.U.S.A Documentary Screening (On-Demand)

2:00pm ET: Workshop presented by James Alison (Livestream)

8:00pm ET: Panel featuring Kevin Miller & James Alison (Livestream)

Wednesday, August 12

8:00am ET: Keynote Presentation by Julia Robinson-Moore (On-Demand)

2:00pm ET: Workshop presented by Rebecca Adams (Livestream)

8:00pm ET: Panel featuring Julia Robinson Moore & Rebecca Adams (Livestream)

Thursday, August 13

8:00am ET: Concert Performance by Audrey Assad  (On-Demand)

2:00pm ET: Interview with Rahim Buford (Livestream on Facebook)

8:00pm ET: Panel featuring Audrey Assad & David Dark (Livestream)

Friday, August 14

8:00am ET: Keynote Presentation by David Dark (On-Demand)

2:00pm ET: Workshop presented by Pastor Adam Ericksen (Livestream)

8:00pm ET: Closing Remarks (Livestream)